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Who is the biggest FC St. Pauli fan you know? Whether it's your mother-in-law, your pet or yourself - we have a brilliant gift in store for everyone with a brown and white heart: a video message from Finn Ole Becker with your personal address.

Whether it's a birthday greeting, a soccer poem written by you or just to say "hello" – Finn is looking forward to your input and will do everything to capture it on video according to your wishes. The video message should last about 15-30 seconds, so your entire diary might be a bit too much.

So, what are you waiting for? Put Finn Ole Becker in your shopping cart and let him say what's on your mind.

The video message will be sent to you by mail after it is recorded. Please keep in mind that the video messages for all fans will be recorded in one go. Therefore, we ask you to be patient. We will try to get everything in line with the players' busy schedules as soon as possible.

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