kola package (15 bottles + opener)

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excl. deposit of €1.20
Delivery Time: 3 - 4 working days*
  • 3 x fritz-kola (0,33 l each)
  • 3 x fritz-kola no sugar (0,33 l each)
  • 3 x fritz-kola superzero (0,33 l each)
  • 3 x fritz-kola bio (0,33 l each)
  • 3 x Mischmasch - fritz-kola with orange (0,33 l each)
  • 1 x bottle opener "fritz-kola" wood

kola with K.

Slept well? Good, because you won't sleep anymore. With this package, you get the full load of caffeine in one box. From classic fritz-kola to the flavor explosions for advanced drinkers. There's something for everyone.

Ran out of coffee? kola package!
Master's thesis due in three days and you're still stuck on the introduction? kola-package!!!
Lost your alarm clock? kola package!!!

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