fritz and goliath - the fritz-kola story

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Ever wondered what's behind fritz-kola ... or who? Now you can finally answer all these questions yourself. We present: fritz vs. goliath - the fritz-kola story.

In-depth insights into the ups and downs of a company that very few would have believed capable of the journey it has taken over the last two decades. Plus anecdotes and tips on starting a business - all from the best source, through the eyes of fritz-kola founder Mirco Wolf Wiegert himself.

In summary: When Mirco Wolf Wiegert scraped together 7000 euros with a buddy in 2003 and challenged the industry giants out of his student dorm room, it was a stellar moment for the startup scene. The two delivered the first crates via direct sales to hip clubs in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel district and from there conquered Germany and the world. In his start-up primer, Mirco tells how they got started and became successful without a discount, but with a lot of heart and soul. An exciting company story with lots of caffeine, anecdotes and valuable business know-how.

Caution: Language is German. English version will follow soon.

Hardcover, 304 pages, Language: English, Publisher: ECON

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